About Us

Krome USA Inc. was established in year 2014 as a subsidiary of Krome Dispense Private Limited. Over the last 16 years of global experience in draft beer dispense industry, KromeDispense, a brand of Krome Dispense Private Limited(Formerly known as Pacific Merchants) received a lot of appreciation from the North and South American markets.

With Krome USA Inc. we look to bring our products and services closer to our loyal customers. We look to understand their needs and provide solutions. Same quality, same perfection, only closer.

Aluids (A brand for Plumbing Products for North American Market) is the outcome of this experience and imagination.
Coming from the same family as the Viking Group (a leading plumbing products brand in India), Viking has four decades of virtual experience in the field of bathroom art, design and water technologies.

Innovation has always been the driving force behind our company's success story. There is always something new being learnt, developed and manufactured at our state of the art production facilities in India.

With creative brands like & & as strong shoulders, Krome USA Inc. represents world class quality and infinite potential.

At Krome, we can feel the energy brimming. We feel young. We feel determined. We are here. We are Krome USA Inc.